It’s time for a reality check.

Ineffective Communication = Money Wasted

  • lack of information about future space requirements
  • outdated building layouts
  • ineffective processes and procedures
  • unenforced space standards
  • misunderstandings with project teams and contractors
  • indecision by stakeholders
  • inflated employee lost-time during moves
  • reluctance to address change management issues
  • unwillingness to allocate funding to space management initiatives

These issues all reflect aspects of ineffective communication and have an impact on your bottom line.

Upgrading your communication tools (documents, processes and procedures) will get you on your way to saving your time, money and sanity.


Firstly, we’re going to start with what you already have, get a handle on what’s going on right now. Later, we’ll start looking at how to deal with space planning, reconfigs, and future space management needs. Yes, there’s going to be overlap. We could be working on upgrading your documents and find you need us to space plan a few thousand square feet or reconfigure a dozen workstations. No problem, we can jump around in the process as needed, but we’ll always bring you back to the big picture.


“Start with the end in mind.”
Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


To optimize your document inventory we’ll need to know with whom you’re communicating and what you’re trying to convey. Who are your in-house associates and external contractors? What are their roles (ie. HR, IT, project management, furniture installation and moving)? What tools and information do they need from you to do their jobs efficiently and minimize your costs?

We’ll need to know a few things about your existing records – how they are stored, managed and accessed? Are they still relevant? Are they accurate? Do they convey what it is you’re trying to communicate?

We’ll work with you to set document standards and formats, and help you get existing information and layouts updated to reflect current circumstances. Together we can identify where there are gaps in your communication tools and determine the best way to address them. What type of documents can make your job easier and cut through the miscommunications to reduce costs?


Over the years we’ve been asked to create a wide variety of tools. Here’s just a sampling of them:

  • seating / employee location maps
  • business unit (department) occupancy diagrams
  • vacancy rate calculations
  • evacuation plans
  • parking assignment maps
  • meeting room furniture configurations
  • event equipment layouts – Stampede and Christmas parties, United Way activities
  • workstation types and furniture options
  • flooring replacement diagrams
  • millwork construction drawings
  • area calculations for department space allocations or ‘leases’


Now we’ve upgraded your existing documents and filled in any obvious gaps. We’re ready to start addressing your day-to-day needs (moves, reconfigs, space planning) and design a Maintenance plan.


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