Firstly, we want to identify the specific items of greatest concern to you right now.

  • are your existing drawings outdated?
  • are there areas that need to be optimized to fit more people or repurposed for a change of use?
  • are there misunderstandings with internal clients, project teams and external contractors?
  • are your employee space allocations and furniture standards not serving your needs?
  • are you considering acquiring or relinquishing space?
  • are you having difficulty communicating with decision makers?
  • do you need reliable, on-demand assistance with day-to-day space planning and drawing needs as they arise?


We’ll explore your current strategies and processes. Are there gaps or flaws in your existing procedures that are undermining your efforts?

Along the way, we’ll get a general overview of your corporate culture, clarify the decision makers and their agendas, and identify potential barriers to successful space management. Are there philosophical or policy issues? Perhaps a lack of buy-in from those controlling your budget? Are there specific barriers we need to address and mitigate before we can effectively move forward?


Then, once we’ve gotten to know a bit about you, we can move on to Upgrading your existing documents.

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