Now that we have a clearer picture of your company’s space needs for the next few years (or even just the next few months), it’s time to formulate a plan for how those needs should be addressed.


Do you need to find more space?

  • How long will you need it?
  • Are you leasing within buildings you currently occupy or looking for new locations?
  • Do you own any property onto which you can build?
  • How long will it take to find new space, secure the lease (or build), and complete all the tenant improvements?
  • Which of your options is the most attractive? Consider cost, timing and flexibility.
  • Is it more cost effective to reconfigure the space you already have to accommodate more people, than to obtain additional space?
  • What do you do to accommodate staff overflow in the meantime?
  • Which departments will move to this new location?
  • How will change management issues for those departments be handled?


Do you need to reduce your space?

  • Is it feasible to do that? What will that cost and how long will it take?
  • Is it likely someone else will even want your surplus space?
  • Can you accurately predict when you will need the space back?
  • What needs to happen in your remaining space to accommodate people moving out of the relinquished space? What will that cost and how long will it take?


Perhaps you have about the right amount of space at the moment.

  • How will you continue to monitor and analyze department information so you know when the situation changes?
  • Do you have enough room for the next year, or two, or five?
  • When do you need to start looking for more space so that it’s ready and available when you need it?


So many questions. So many things to consider. The most important part of the strategy is how you will build flexibility into the plan. Once the way forward is clearly defined it’s time to move on to Implementation.

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