You now have comprehensive, accurate, standardized documents, but how do you keep them that way? What needs to happen to ensure that in a year from now you’re not back precisely where you were? How do you prevent backsliding?

We’ll need to look at the processes and procedures that could be optimized so you can continue to generate accurate information and incorporate it into your operating procedures.


Every day new user requests appear in your Inbox. Some of them will need to be dealt with by creating drawings or documents that clearly define ideas and concepts that can be miscommunicated in conversation.

  • How can an office or workstation furniture be rearranged?
  • How can ten workstations be reconfigured into fifteen?
  • Where are the meeting rooms located in the building?
  • Can six people on the second floor move up to the sixth floor and fourteen from the sixth floor move to the tenth?
  • Who sits on the eight floor? What departments are located there? How many desks are they using? Are there any vacancies?
  • How many people can sit on the fifth floor if we reduce the workstation size and take out some meeting rooms? What if we use larger workstations? What if we need four new offices?
  • Twenty people are moving over the weekend and their furniture needs to be reconfigured, how will the installers and movers know what to do?


We can assist you, on an as-needed basis, to deal with user requests and provide solutions to your day-to-day space challenges.

We’ll keep your records current, capturing ongoing moves and changes to the floor plans, department space allocations and other relevant information. We can help you design and implement processes that will streamline your daily operations and save you money.

Perhaps you’re having difficulty enforcing existing space standards (materials, finishes, furniture, office / workstation sizes)? Over time, we can help you gently steer user groups back toward your corporate goals, or if necessary, help you research and select new standards.


Now you’ve got a strategy and the tools to deal with what’s going on today, but what about the future? Let’s move on to Phase 2 and talk about Forecasting.

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