“In space management, as in life, you never want to be the last to know.” – LC

While none of us can predict the future with absolute certainty, it’s useful to have some idea of whether your company will need more space, or less space, over the next few years.


Sometimes this is as simple as obtaining projections of staff numbers from internal sources, but there are other factors that influence the amount and type of space your company will need.

  • Is there a major project beginning or ending? Has it been staffed with contractors or employees?
  • Are there operational changes predicted that will see specific departments changing size, location, or the amount of storage or garage space needed?
  • Is a buy-out or merger with another company likely?


You might be contemplating life-cycle replacement of flooring or furniture, or your company may be coming to the end of its current lease. These situations can be opportunities to set direction for how you want to manage your space in the years ahead.

Rather than scrambling to respond to changing circumstances, it’s useful to engage in a process that allows you to monitor upcoming needs in a pro-active way.

We can help you gather and analyze the information that will inform future decisions.


Once we know the who, what, when (and it’s helpful to know the why), we can start to Strategize a plan for moving forward.

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